We have been producing and selling kana-ami (wire netting) for more than 90 years, since our establishment in 1922. Based on our lengthy knowledge of kana-ami*, which was originally used for filters and other industrial products, we have been manufacturing products that fit with the times. In 2016, a skilled craftsman used kana-ami to create an orizuru (folded crane), which was so stunning that many people who saw it wanted to make one themselves. However, since kana-ami is made from metal, it is rigid and sharp; only a professional craftsman could fold it because there was a danger of getting injured. After a process of trial and error, easy-to-fold kana-ami or ORIAMI® was developed. This foldable metallic mesh product was exhibited as folded pieces and tested in the market. It was well received at the Arakawa Industry Exhibition, which was held in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, in 2017. Children told us it is good because it doesn’t break. The product went on sale officially after receiving guidance from origami artist Mariko Miyamoto, under the supervision of Nippon Origami Association, so individuals can enjoy folding intricate items using kana-ami.


金 網


*Kana-ami is a type of textile woven with metal wires. Some wires are 20 microns in width, which is thinner than hair. As with other fabrics, various types of weaving can be used to make kana-ami, including plain weave, twill weave, and Dutch weave. Various materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and titanium are used. Folded items made from kana-ami are highly valued for their depth and durability. These items utilize Japanese tradition, and are sold not only in Japan but throughout the world.